Just Friends is a Winner and a Great Family Movie

Hot shot record executive Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) was once an overweight, cheerleading, high school geek. In High school Chris spent all his time with his Gal Pal Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart) but is stuck in the “Friend Zone”. Chris is totally embarrassed on graduation night when his year book confession is read aloud to Jamie; Chris spent the next 10 years transforming himself.

Now transformed into a sexy, classy, ladies man, he can have what ever he wants. When Chris is forced to sign his ex-girlfriend pop star Samantha James (Anna Faris) he finds himself back in his home town. This is his chance to finally get Jamie to fall in love with him, but the new Chris isn’t exactly a better Chris in Jamie’s eyes. Plus another former geek, the guitar playing Dusty (Chris Klein) is also vying for Jamie’s affection. Watch to find out who has what it takes to break out of the friend zone.

Just Friends is a must see, the laughs never stop, you will love this movie. You have Ryan Reynolds who is always funny and does great in any role (especially comedies). You have Anna Faris playing her best role a clueless, sexy blond, who will make you laugh so hard it, hurts. And you have the little brother who is always fighting with his older brother Chris, anytime these two are on screen you will be on the floor.

I don’t think there is anyone that won’t love this movie, whether you are 10 or 90 there is something in this movie that will make you laugh. It’s wild at times and yet of course has the love story where the hero must find a way to win the girl of his dreams. With sarcastic wit that will keep you laughing and lots of slapstick comedy including a Christmas light display getting wrecked that is probably one of the funniest scenes where something is destroyed accidentally since (Ben Stiller destroyed the entire wedding scene in Meet the Parents).

Anna Faris does a spectacular job at being the crazy hot chick that has no clue about anything. She nails the part to a T, with her crazy laugh and her bi-polar ups and downs that drive Chris crazy. Chris has to keep hiring his little brother to distract Samantha while he spends time with Jamie, but keeping Samantha occupied is harder than you might think and she is always causing some sort of mishap that is sure to have you laughing.

The only problem I had with this movie is that it took about twenty minutes to develop the plot and get to the comedy. Although very enjoyable I think that the first twenty minutes could have been improved a bit. Other than this small detail I think that this is a movie everyone should go out and rent, the whole family can enjoy it.

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