Welcome to Movie Poster Classics: Entertainment on a Budget

Many of us have seen a hard past couple of years what with inflation reaching 12-15% per year. Do you remember when eggs were $1.29 a dozen? How about when milk was $2.99 a gallon? Gas $2.19 a gallon? It was not to long ago in a age when Americans thought their economy was bulletproof and they were on top of the world. Now it seems everything has changed.

But just because your having trouble paying your bills does not mean you have to go without entertainment. This article will present two options to keep you amused on a budget during these depressing times.

Probably the most common form of entertainment Americans participate in is dinner and a movie. Today in your average city or town this will cost a minimum of 75 dollars for a family of four. Those of you who do this regularly know what I mean. I don’t know about you but my family cannot afford even the Dinner and a Movie night out any more. We stay in much more than we used to and we have adapted. Now we cook our own meals and subscribe to a service called Netflix.

Netflix is a online video subscription service. They have memberships starting at the thrifty price of just $4.99 a month where you can get up to two DVDs a month all the way to a full family plan for $47.99 that allows you unlimited rentals with up to eight DVDs out at a time. No matter what your budget, Netflix has a plan to fit it. If you want to watch Rick and Morty Season 3, they got your back, wanna watch Stranger Things? No problem, they got your back!

Imagine you can order and watch in the privacy of your own home as many movies as you want for less than one trip to the theater. Netflix is very flexible and has no due dates or late fees, no per DVD rental fee and best of all your membership includes shipping and handling to and from your home. I’ve been a member of Netflix now for about 5 months and my family and I love it. We pick out what movies we want and they arrive in about a day. When were done we send them back and about a day or 2 later we have more in the mail waiting on us when we get home.

And what about dinner you say? Well a fresh new recipe for your family is as close as your preferred search engine. Just type recipes in your search engine and pick any of the top sites and I’m sure you’ll find something fast that will be easy to fix and satisfying to you and your family.

I hope this information helps you save money and still enjoy some of the pleasures of life that you used to be able to afford but cannot now. Americans are strong and resourceful and we will adapt and survive.